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Necromancia is a short film made in 24 hours that is about a ritual to invoke a dead man. Started by Bella Cordón and Karla Mollinedo. Written By Alejandro Retana and Directed by Alejandro Retana, César Fión and Luis Rivadeneira.

Biografía del Director

1db3aa71cb headshot Alejandro Retana (Guatemala 1990) From very young he was interested in film and writing. He made his first short film in Mexico while he was studying a Diploma in Sports Journalism at JRF. The experience made him to fell in love with making films, so, when he returned to Guatemala, he made his next short film "One Way" and he decided to study Audiovisual Production at the Panamerican University. During the career he performs more than 20 Short Films. Of which some manage to win in several Festivals in Guatemala, Mexico, Panamá, USA, Italy, Canadá and Colombia of which they highlight "Asexual" "Glass Dreams, Toco Wood, Chrysalis, In the Same Route, Ecstasy". Until 2018, he decided to go to Mexico to study Cinematography at AMCI. Filmography: Asexual, Ecstasy, Judas, Crisálida, Toco Madera, One Way, On the Same Route, Red, Error, Mental Images, The Interview, Simple Emotions, Nothing, What Happens to You, Memories, Serenity, Soul Thief, The Assembly, Close Encounters, Alien Walls, The Trip of 149 kms, Emptiness. César Fión Góngora (1996) is a Guatemalan film director, writer, and editor. He graduated from Casa Comal (Guatemala) with a technical degree in Filmmaking. He is always looking for the next story to tell. He loves to experiment with various genres and believes that movies can change the way people see and think. Based in Guatemala (Guatemala), he develops personal projects either alone or in colaboration with other filmmakers. Being bilingual, he speaks fluent Spanish and English. He has directed several short films, ranging from fiction to documentary. His debut Fiction short film (#MonsterLivesMatter) was picked for the Official Selection at the NanoCon International Science Fiction Festival in the US. His senior film thesis "Asi Soy Feliz" (I'm Happy Like That) for which he was the editor, won the Best Documentary Award at the Festival Poporopo in Guatemala City in 2018.




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22/09/2020 - 25/09/2020

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